detail oriented - roxanne hawn“Roxanne Hawn has provided contract writing services and has proven repeatedly to be an excellent resource for Liaison Creative. She is responsive, detail oriented and a real pro. I hope to provide even more assignments, and the client thinks of her as part of their team.”  ~ JP, general manager, Liaison Denver


reliable, accurate reporting - roxanne hawn

“Roxanne gets the job done. She is a reliable writer who brings creativity to freelance assignments, along with complete and accurate reporting. Roxanne also meets deadlines and offers her services at a reasonable cost.”  Judy Howard Ellis, former features editor, The Denver Post


self-directed and curious - roxanne hawn


“Roxanne is able to take an idea, develop it into an ongoing feature and adopt it as her own. She did that for me at The Denver Post by agreeing to create a wedding feature that would run regularly in the Sunday Style section. Roxanne’s talents exceed that assignment, however. She was able to accomplish anything we asked her to undertake. Roxanne is self-directed, curious, creative and always meets her deadlines.”  ~ Linda Castrone, former features editor, The Denver Post


requires minimal editing - roxanne hawn“I highly recommend Roxanne Hawn as a freelance writer whose work is superlative. As managing editor of a 60,000-circulation magazine, I often hire her to write articles. Her writing is clean, crisp and creative — hardly ever requires much in the way of editing. She also has written promotional pieces for our office, turning out writing that is inventive and targets the audience. A bonus is that she always meets her deadlines.”  ~ Donna Fowler, former editor, Metro State


prolific and professional writer - roxanne hawn“Roxanne is one of the most prolific and professional writers I’ve ever met. Incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly creative and deadline savvy, she has impressed me at every turn. So dedicated to her craft and always abreast of the industry’s latest trends, Roxanne has her finger on the ‘pulse of the people,’ which allows her to craft articles that are both interesting in content, and of great interest to readers.”  ~ Doni Luckett, former CEO, Divine Basics, Int’l


incredibly disciplined - roxanne hawn“Roxanne and I worked together at DU and are now fellow freelancers. Roxanne is an incredibly disciplined, savvy writer, who has the ability to grasp unfamiliar concepts in the blink of an eye and translate them into clear, readable prose. I admire her ability to write so efficiently and so well.”  Leslie Petrovski, freelance writer, Denver


proven writer - roxanne hawn

“Roxanne has proven herself time and again with articles she has written for our new publication, The Resource. We just give her the topic, maybe a lead or two, and she’s off — researching, interviewing, writing, and then delivering a top-notch article. When it comes to our feature assignments, there’s no question — we call Roxanne.”  Cindy Lee Christensen, former editor, The Resource