Lately, at least 50% of my writing time is spent as a copywriter:

  • Website content, including SEO keyword focus
  • Email marketing, often with 1-to-1 landing pages
  • Paid interactive marketing (PPC, display, retargeting, Facebook ads and more)
  • Post-click marketing with landing pages and full landing experiences (long-tail lead nurturing)

Because so much of this work is proprietary to my clients, I cannot post full writing samples here.
If you’re interested, let me know, and I can provide a few writing samples privately.

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However, I can share a few screen captures and explain a bit about my process and experience.

roxanne hawn website sampleWebsite Content and Search Engine Optimization

For me, website writing is a 2-stage process:

  1. Write for the reader first
  2. Look for places in the draft to make search engines happy too

When I teach workshops on writing for the web, I jokingly call this the difference between writing for bodies and writing for bots.

I understand how people read online differs from how they read in print — though, there is much more skimming now than ever in both mediums. I can easily format and organize website content in ways that improves the user’s experience.

Things once considered best practices aren’t necessarily true today. For example, in some markets, both generational differences and the boon of finger scrolling on mobile devices makes longer pages much more acceptable.

Email Marketing and Landing Pagesroxanne hawn email marketing example

I write both transactional email campaigns and lead nurturing email campaigns for clients. I’m keen on:

  • A/B testing of copy length, headlines, photos, and calls to action
  • Long-tail calls to action in the body copy
  • Primary and secondary calls to action, including giving people the option to update their status
  • Post-conversion e-deliverables

Often each campaign features a 1-to-1 landing page — rather than dumping people directly into a client’s main website.

Paid Interactive Marketing

I’m doing more paid interactive marketing these days for clients wanting to retarget non-responders from earlier campaigns or to reach people who match their target demographics.

This includes:

  • Facebook ads
  • PPC text ads
  • Display ads
  • Retargeting ads

roxanne hawn segmented landing page examplePost-Click Marketing 

For a long time, too many people focused always and only on the click. I’m happy to say I can often get the click, but I also care about what happens next. Many campaigns I write for clients feature:

  • Post-click segmentation so that people self-identify in some way and receive a more customize landing page experience
  • Clever post-conversion e-deliverables
  • Enhanced thank-you pages that encourage people to engage further


If that sounds good to you, let’s talk!

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