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roxanne hawn review quoteHere are a some of my favorite articles, over the years.
I grouped these writing sample links by area of interest.

  • Pets / Dogs
  • Green Living
  • Personal Finance
  • Profiles
  • Weddings / Relationships
  • Health and Fitness
  • Trade Magazines
  • Alumni Magazines

Some links jump to PDFs, others to articles published online.

ginko paw print in snow 2-10-14 bPets/Dogs

Six Reasons Your Dog is a Better Workout Partner than Any Person You Know, Embrace Pet Insurance
Hint … they make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

Oral Tumors in Dogs and Cats , Embrace Pet Insurance
Learn more about the most common oral cancers in dogs and cats, including symptoms and treatments.

Understanding Dental Disease Stages in Dogs and Cats, Embrace Pet Insurance
Ever wonder what all those dental numbers mean? We explain.

How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Flat for an Exam, Embrace Pet Insurance
Help your dog be a better veterinary patient with this useful dog trick.

How to Teach Your Dog a Circus Trick, Embrace Pet Insurance
Use these step-by-step instructions to teach your dog a circus trick.

Everyday Household Items Useful for Pet Care, Embrace Pet Insurance
Check out these frugal and practical pet care ideas, using everyday household items.

Tricks for Living with Dogs When You are Allergic to Them, Embrace Pet Insurance
Real-world advice for living with dogs, even when they make you feel sick.

Pet Gift Hazards to Avoid, WebMD
Consider play styles and possible risks when gift shopping for dogs and cats.

Your Partner vs. Your Pet, WebMD
What to do when couples struggle with pet issues, pet allergies, pet behavior.

Adding Another Dog to Your Home, WebMD
Dos and don’ts when bringing another dog into your home and into your family.

Hiking in Rattlesnake Country, With or Without a Dog, Dog Jaunt
How to keep yourself and your dog safe when hiking in snake-riddled areas.

Dog Food History, Dog Food Dish
More than 100 years of dog food history condensed, including why WWII made dry dog food a top seller.

making dogs think graphic

The Economics of Puppies,
Why does that puppy cost what it does? What am I getting for my money? Who benefits from the transaction?

Making Dogs Think, HealthyPet
Five great ways to engage the canine mind, build your family bond, and make your dog’s life way more fun.

Pet Care Partnerships, HealthyPet
Building trust during the good times so that communication and collaboration come with more ease during pet health emergencies, including exam room etiquette.

Pet Adoption Interviews, HealthyPet
How old-style shelter inquisitions gave way to better pet + family matches based on personality, energy level, and attention needs.

The Complete Physical Exam, HealthyPet
What exactly is your veterinarian looking for during a pet’s exam, including system by system warning signs?

Nutrition and Your Pet, HealthyPet
Find out what dogs and cats typically need in terms of nutrition and how those food requirements change from puppyhood or kittenhood into a pet’s senior years.

Pain Management in Pets, HealthyPet
New solutions and integrative therapies bring relief to pets in chronic or acute pain.

Canine Social Graces, HealthyPet
Dogs use all kinds of cues to signal their intent or annoyance with each other. Learn what things dogs do that may offend their canine pals.

history of dog toys graphic

Road Worthy (Keeping Dogs Safe in the Car), AKC Gazette
Crates? Seatbelts? Get advice on safe car travel for your canine family members. Read a few real-life examples from avid pet enthusiasts.

Play Things, Then and Now, The History of Dog Toys, AKC Family Dog
A rope, a bone, a stick. Time was, that was it for dog toys. Things have changed. Learn the history of dog toys from the industrial revolution forward, including a timeline for the invention of famous dog toys.

Dreaming of Dogs, AKC Gazette
From Freud to new-age animal communication, find out what it means when you dream about your dogs.

Puppy Mill Scams, The Bark
Learn the latest ploys from mass dog breeders, who put profit above welfare.

When Knees Go Bad, The Bark
Ruptured ligaments are the number one orthopedic injury in dogs. Discover your surgical options when a dog’s knees go bad.

Dogged Workout Partner, Reader’s Digest
Why dogs make better fitness companions than people.

Secondhand Smoke, Reader’s Digest
How secondhand smoke affects dogs of different snout lengths as well as your feline pals.

Dog Training 101, Reader’s Digest
Five commands every dog should know.

Green Living

DIY Laptop Cooling, Frugal Kiwi
How to keep your laptop cool during bedtime movie watching, using only things already in your house.

Fight for Your Right to Dry, Natural Home
The battle over laundry and common-sense energy conservation.

More Space, Less Footprint, Natural Home
Tiny accessory homes make single-family living bigger.

Earth Celebration Menu, Natural Home
Low-carbon recipes for Earth Day or any day.

Natural Homebuyer’s Checklist, Natural Home
Here’s what to look for and what to ask when exploring the green home market.

Personal Finance

pennies stock photo

The Economics of Puppies,
Why does that puppy cost what it does? What am I getting for my money? Who benefits from the transaction?

Last-Minute Weddings for Less,
Shhhh … here’s a secret: If you have a little flexibility and make decisions fast, you can save big bucks on your wedding day.

Dealing Without Health Insurance,
If you find yourself outside the relative safety of group health insurance plans, you have important decisions to make. Here’s how you can make the best of a tough situation.

Don’t Get Suckered by Super Sales,
When you recognize sophisticated retail ploys, you can cruise through any store — warehouse to boutique — with less of a headache and more money in your pocket.


paging dr big laughs graphic

Bobaji: The Sidecar Dog, Fido Friendly
Get the backstory on these shelter pet crusaders and learn what it’s like to always have a dog (literally) at your side.

Elizabeth Yarnell, Cooking Up a New Culinary Concept, University of Denver Alumni Magazine
Illness turns regular gal into inventor, marketing guru, and successful cookbook author.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Paging Dr. Big Laughs, HealthyPet
Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” TV star works at the veterinary practice by day and the comedy club at night.

Novelist Elizabeth Wrenn, And Now I See, The Bark
Novelist raises guide dog puppy as research for her first book. The experience provides plenty of humor and distraction for her protagonist, who faces family and other challenges.

Weddings / Relationships

Before “I Do,” Do It Yourself, The Denver Post
Brides save money tapping into talent and common sense.

Lady Luck as Bridesmaid, The New York Timeswedding stock photo
From numerology to cultural superstition, find out what’s behind the 07-07-07 wedding rush and why it may be anything but lucky for some.

With These Rings, The New York Times
Couples extend marriage vows to children from previous relationships, including the giving of family rings in a bit of “With these rings … I thee parent.”

Mr. and Mrs. Bothofus, The New York Times
Forget taking his name or hyphenating, these couples combine their names or take entirely new married names rather than bow to convention.

Vows, Amanda Gillam and Michael Lovato, The New York Times,
A couple of professional Ironman triathletes get married. Seriously, the most fit group of wedding guests … ever!

Vows, Judy Ray and Jeff Hard, The New York Times
Rural couple meets thanks to wayward livestock.

Health and Fitness

Yoga for What Ails You, Energy for Women
From headaches to tummy troubles, these yoga poses ease the pain … naturally.

Make Friends With Hunger, Energy for Women
Understanding and heeding hunger cues results in sane eating habits.


Ali Baba Hummus, Good. Food. Stories
I always thought I was a hummus snob. It turns out that I’m a tahini snob.


Join Twitter Campaign to Get Mr. Peabody’s Ty Burrell a Dog, Reel Life With Jane
When Burrell mentioned “being in negotiations” with his wife about getting a dog … I couldn’t help myself.

Trade Magazines

Marketing Your Mission via Equipment and Services, The Messenger (a custom veterinary magazine)
How to combine your pet-care passion with the wonder of science

Marketing Strategies for New Veterinary Practice Owners, The Messenger (a custom veterinary magazine)
When veterinarians become practice owners, often less marketing / softer marketing is better.

Defining Wellness in Your Veterinary Practice, The Messenger (a custom veterinary magazine)
Set lifelong wellness as the cornerstone of your veterinary practice.

Informed Consent, The Resource (a custom veterinary magazine)
What does “informed consent” mean and why is it important for veterinary clients?

Do More With Less, The Resource (a custom veterinary magazine)
Strategies for slow times help nurture talent, unearth new efficiencies, and bond your best clients to your practice.

Recession Economics, The Resource (a custom veterinary magazine)
The economic effects on the veterinary profession as well as ideas on how to weather the storm.

Music to Calm the Canine Mind, Pet Services Journal
Sound pollution and dogs. How psychoacoustic music helps calm dogs in service environments.

Welcome Home, Soldier, Parks and Recreation
Local park and recreation agencies team up with military medical personnel to help wounded war veterans heal at home.

Alumni Magazines

The Power of Togetherness, Metro Magazine
Metro State’s Institute for Women’s Studies and Services harnesses energy and community.

Orangutan Rescue
, DU Magazine
University of Denver alums protect “people of the forest” in Borneo.