Veterinary and Dog Magazine Articles by Roxanne Hawn

Look for my most recent veterinary magazine and dog magazine articles in these publications in spring 2016:

AKC Family Dog — Good Grooming column
I write 6 articles per year for Family Dog magazine. The next one talks about trends and innovations in dog grooming (May / June 2016 issue).

TRENDS magazine — American Animal Hospital Association
My next piece for AAHA explains the growing field of pet hospice care. It’ll publish in the May 2016 issue.

The Messenger — published by AAHA MarketLink & MWI Animal Health”
I write 12 articles per year about veterinary marketing. Right now, I’m working on a piece that will publish in May 2016 about the difference between marketing veterinary products and veterinary services.

Growing Student Loan Debt Crisis

I’ve had the chance to research and write about how bad things are getting on the student loan front, especially for veterinary students. I’ll finish that magazine piece this month (April 2015), but it won’t be published for a while. In the meantime, why not read this online article I wrote for Credit Card Guide (dot) com.

8 student loan forgiveness myths!