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Roxanne Hawn Writing Experience

I live in the Rocky Mountains, just west of Golden, Colorado, USA. 

I spent nearly 10 years as a staff writer and editor before making the leap to full-time freelancing on the advice of several mentors.

It's liberating, really. Being on the outside, not bogged down by other things, I find it easier to focus only on the goal, the deadline, and the strategic, practical, and creative vision for the piece.

Editors and sources alike appreciate my ability to establish rapport and write compelling, accurate copy.

Wide Interests, Big Enthusiasm

An avowed generalist, I credit my liberal arts education from The Colorado College and broad professional experience, with giving me the ability to pick up nearly any topic quickly.

I'm best known for writing about:

  • Pets, especially dogs
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Animal welfare
  • Higher education
  • Trends (both consumer and trade)
  • Profiles (people and businesses)
  • Lifestyles
  • Green Living
  • Weddings / Bridal
  • Relationships
  • Health/Fitness
  • Food
  • Money
  • Home/Design

Browse some of my favorite articles I've written over the years.

Dog Lover, Dog Writer

I'm not ashamed to say I'm crazy about dogs. As the former lead creative services writer for the American Animal Hospital Association and publications manager for the American Humane Association, I bring years of experience writing about dogs and veterinary medicine. I also served on the board of directors for the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, a coalition of animal welfare groups.

I'm grateful and proud that my first (solo) book hit #1 on Amazon in the pet loss category in its first week and continues to sell well. Heart Dog - Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate!

heart dog surviving the loss of your canine soul mate by Roxanne Hawn Amazon best seller
Ah, the Newspaper Days

From 2001 to 2006, I served as the “Vows” columnist for The Denver Post -- attending some two dozen weddings each year. I also had the chance to write a few “Vows” and “Field Notes” pieces for The New York Times for a while.

I greatly miss newspaper work. There is nothing like it. Nothing.

At Home, Rough-and-Tumble Mountain Person

I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, with my husband and three amazing dogs (as well as occasional foster puppies).

3 b/w dogs wearing RBG type supreme court collars for halloween

I love to:

  • Hike
  • Knit and crochet
  • Grow vegetables in my tiny greenhouse and raised beds
  • Cook and stress-bake 
  • Dabble with photography
  • Read
  • Binge / stream fun stuff
  • Eat chocolate
  • Train dogs (agility, nosework, tricks)

Grab Time in My Schedule

My roster is open for new clients. I'm prioritizing people and companies that are good match for me too. So, if you think I seem like a neat person, let's talk!