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Books by Roxanne Hawn

After many years as the original canine heroine of my award-winning dog blog / site, my heart dog suffered a severe (and rare) adverse rabies vaccine reaction that ultimately killed her. That happened at the same time as several other serious / terminal illnesses in my family, making me a real-world expert on grief. I essentially sliced myself open for the world to see and wrote a book about grief that hit #1 on Amazon in the pet loss category in its first week, so I feel fine calling myself a best-selling author.

heart dog surviving the loss of your canine soul mate by Roxanne Hawn Amazon best seller

Heart Dog - Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate

The death of any dog is hard. The death of a Heart Dog – a canine soul mate – is much, much worse …

Canine soul mates may happen just once in a lifetime. With such great love comes epic grief after your Heart Dog dies. Even if you’ve experienced pet loss before, life without your canine soul mate is much harder. Typical grief advice isn’t enough. Sometimes challenging traditional thinking about grief, Heart Dog answers all the big questions about canine soul mates, offers practical ideas for coping with each day’s dose of grief, and provides inspiration for finding your place in the world after such a profound loss. Strategies and insights come from the author and 500 people who participated in an online survey. Others have survived the grief. You can too. Let Heart Dog be your guide.

More Books by Roxanne Hawn in the Works?

Yes, I'm working on the first of a planned series of books for kids featuring my youngest dog, Mr. Stix. It's written and needs polishing. Currently, experimenting with an illustration style that matches his personality and the look I want to achieve. 

roxanne hawn books page photo of youngest dog - b/w dog with sunlight and plants behind him