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Email Campaigns & Newsletters by Roxanne Hawn

The truth is that I miss doing email campaigns & newsletters. The work is fun and satisfying. Email marketing also remains nimble and one of the best ways to connect regularly with clients at all stages in their relationship with your business. Email marketing allows for easy testing of different strategies and continuous monitoring of key metrics.

Review the 4 ways email helps you achieve your business goals. 

1. Lead Development 

Some purchases require a longer decision-making process. Nurture your connections through education, value-added insights, and relationship building.

2. Direct Sales

Some businesses and business models require consistently putting products and services in front of your target audience. Pitch, pitch, pitch your wares.

3. Value Delivery

If you're selling your expertise or services, then people need to understand your unique genius and value. Original, creative email content does that. 

4. Sparkling Opportunities

Sometimes, you need to toot your own horn, tell your own stories, and show people exactly who you are. Email campaigns and newsletters help you sparkle. 

Email Marketing Works

Building, managing, and curating your own email list protects you from the whims and perils of social media marketing. Email marketing serves many purposes for business development and growth.  

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