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Fee Estimates

Writing project costs vary based on details like these:

  • How you plan to use the writing
  • How many pieces, words, or pages you require
  • How much research is needed
  • How soon you need it done
  • How many rounds of revisions you anticipate
  • How many people on your team will review / provide feedback
  • How many meetings / how much coordination is required with fellow team members (such as designers and strategists)

See ballpark costs below. Or, if you tell me your budget, I also can tell you what role I can play for that amount. 

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Hourly Fees

Rather than think of hourly rates as the purchase of just my time, focus instead on the decades of experience I bring to every writing project. With that professional longevity also comes efficiency and speed. 

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Per-Project Fees

Sometimes it's easier to establish a set fee for an entire project and call it good. A pal often refers to this as value billing, meaning what's the going professional rate for a specific type of work. 

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Retainer Fees

If you decide I'm an ideal match for your ongoing writing needs, then a monthly retainer or standing project order is another way to go, including for strategies like content marketing and articles.

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