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Journalism Samples by Roxanne Hawn

Journalism is fun. I get to chat with interesting people, learn new things, and combine it all into something interesting for others to read and experience. When I'm in the zone, there's nothing like it. 

From newspapers, including The New York Times, and magazines like Eating Well and Reader's Digest to regional and trade magazines and various online media outlets, editors published my writing on topics like these:

  • Profiles
  • Pets / dogs
  • Weddings / relationships
  • Various pet care professions
  • Green living
  • Personal finance
  • Health and fitness

Getting journalism work requires a different process, typically, than other types of writing clients. That said, if you want me to write for your publication or site, please let me know by completing the contact form below. Thanks!

Tell Me More About Your In-House Publication or Site

Quick note about journalism ethics. I cannot pitch articles about, write about, or quote my other content/writing clients in my traditional journalism work for various media outlets. Maybe I'm old school on that, but I was taught in school and in my early newspaper days that's a big no-no. 

I'd be thrilled to help you with your own content, but I cannot front for you with my other media editors.

Thanks for understanding. 

Check out a few of my all-time favorite articles!

How Does Hair of the Dog Grow?

Taking on the hair vs fur debate. The definitive answer on shaving / not shaving double coats. The 3 genes that control pretty much all dog coat variations. How dalmatians get their spots + other mysteries of the canine coat. Published Family Dog (American Kennel Club).

The ABCs of CBD

The most important thing to know about cannabis in veterinary medicine is that things continue to change... Saying nothing may no longer be viable. Published in Trends (American Animal Hospital Association)

paging dr big laughs graphic

Paging Doctor Big Laughs

Animal Planet's "Emergency Vets" TV star works at the veterinary practice by day and the comedy club at night. Published in Healthy Pet magazine. 

And Now I See

Novelist raises guide dog puppy as research for her first book. The experience provides plenty of humor and distraction for her protagonist, who faces family and other challenges. Published in The Bark. 

making dogs think graphic

Making Dogs Think

Five great ways to engage the canine mind, build your family bond, and make your dog's life way more fun. Published in Healthy Pet Magazine. 

history of dog toys graphic

Play Things, Then and Now, The History of Dog Toys

A rope, a bone, a stick. Time was, that was it for dog toys. Things have changed. Learn the history of dog toys from the industrial revolution forward, including a timeline for the invention of famous dog toys. Published in AKC Family Dog magazine.

wedding stock photo

Mr. and Mrs. BothOfUs

Forget taking his name or hyphenating, these couples combine their names or take entirely new married names rather than bow to convention. Published in The New York Times.

A couple of professional Ironman triathletes get married. Seriously, the most fit group of wedding guests ... ever! Published in The New York Times.

Welcome Home, Soldier

Local park and recreation agencies team up with military medical personnel to help wounded war veterans heal at home. Published in Parks and Recreation magazine.

Fight for Your Right to Dry

The battle over laundry and common-sense energy conservation. Published in Natural Home.

Yoga for What Ails You

From headaches to tummy troubles, these yoga poses ease the pain ... naturally. Published by Energy for Women. 

See my Contently portfolio for additional articles in the content marketing world.