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Website Content Writing by Roxanne Hawn

roxanne hawn SEO website content

Readability Matters

Yes, SEO remains important, but your true user — your reader — matters so much more.  People read differently online than on paper. I understand that and write website content that works. 

The Problem

Writing website content, with effective SEO that isn't intrusive for real readers isn't easy. Insiders often use too much jargon, which slows readers down, frustrates them, and lowers conversions. Plus, everyone thinks they can write = Big Problem.

The Solution

Good writing is more than storytelling and good grammar. It takes someone, like me, who also understands the dynamics of reader behaviors and motivations. It takes someone, like me, to distill and organize information in useful ways.

Solopreneur website Special

5-page website just for you!

Fill your website with effective content that tells your story, your way, with enough personality and zing to attract your ideal customers or clients. 

$1,500 | Let's Talk!

Bigger Website Content Package

10-page website for established businesses

10 pages, ~750 words each

keyword placements

1 round of revisions


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